I was about two years old when I first felt the stirrings of art in my soul. From that point on, art has always been a part of my life in one way or another.

My father’s job with the space program caused my family to move around the southeast as I was growing up. Living in Florida resulted in my passion for all beaches and sea creatures. Huntsville, AL fostered my love of the mountains. New Orleans has a place in my heart that neither time, nor hurricanes, can erase.

But my HOME is Mississippi. It’s where I graduated from high school (Ocean Springs). Where I met my husband (Gulfport). Where I raised my three wonderful children (Brandon). And where I currently live with that same cast of characters, plus some! My kids, their spouses and six grandkids all live within 20 minutes of me and my husband.

It’s also where, in the early 90’s with the support and encouragement of my amazing husband, I was finally able to cast aside my “real job” and pursue a full-time career in an art-related field. In my own self-taught way with lots of “on-the-job-training” I was able to build a successful business as a muralist and faux-finisher.

But still lurking there on my “list of things to do before I die” was #17—“Learn to really paint! Canvas Art!” So, my amazing husband stepped in once again and encouraged me to begin my first ever actual art lessons.

I began with painting at the studio of a local fine artist and there I learned some very valuable basics to build upon. But painting in that traditional “old masters” style just wasn’t loose and funky enough for me. So, I briefly took lessons with another local artist who had a very different style and a generous spirit. I knew then I was headed in the right direction as I was encouraged to develop my own style and to use LOTS OF COLOR! Just what I needed to hear!

I paint thick, rich oil paintings of familiar scenes created to spark a fond memory or elicit an emotional connection from the viewer. I feel that my work reflects my life and is filled with light, happiness and movement. I love to travel and spicy bits from places such as New Orleans, Hawaii, and Italy always find their way into my work, as does the beauty of our natural, everyday world.

I am now represented in galleries in Madison, MS; three places in New Orleans; as well as here at my home “foyer gallery” (by appointment). I have participated in juried shows in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida and Louisiana. My work has been collected by individual patrons all over the USA and has been featured in corporate installations in Mississippi and Louisiana.

I continue to develop, grow and revel in God’s gift of art as I enjoy life with my husband (did I mention that he is amazing?) and whichever of our fun-loving, wonderful family are hanging out with us at the time.

I cannot presume to predict what the public will want to possess,
I can only paint what I love and hope that someone else will love it as well…