24"x36" Oil, gallery wrap



Lorrie Drennan
Hi Kay! I am still getting used to my new website. So not sure, myself, how the commenting feature works. I do still have the Heartland painting and would be glad to work out a payment schedule with you. I am going to answer this at the other email that I have to you to be sure you get it. Let me know if you get this. I am hoping the other email is still good. Thanks,Lorrie
Kay. Pevey
Hi. Lorrie. I just typed another comment but may not have posted. About this one. Heartland. I can type again if I need to. Hope it is not sold. Thank you. Kay
Kay. Pevey
Hi again Lorrie. This old red barn and field and fence is calling me. Would you take a deposit on it and let me pay it out. I found the barn and cotton field that is sold but not as drawn to it as this big red barn. Heartland I do love your art Thank you very much. Kay
Lorrie Drennan
Hi Kay! Great to hear from you. Thank you so much for your great comments and your interest in my art. Once I am not embroiled in all the effort of being here at the show, I am sure I can find what painting you are talking about and let you know what we can do about coming up with something that can make you happy. I have lots of paint and as long as I know what you are interested in we can arrive at a good end result I am sure.
Kay Pevey
Hi. Lorrie. I looked at your available art just now. Had not seen your new site or FB in a while. Hope you are doing good. I still love your art. I love heartland because I love red barns and also was drawn to reflections. I remembered that you once had s red barn with a cotton field next to it but I am sure it was sold. I loved all the paintings that were in that group about a year or so ago. I should have gotten the barn and cotton field. Would you be painting that one again? I wondered if all those in that group were still shown on your photos maybe. I love country scenes and things that look like where I grew up in the country. Thank you. Lorrie. Kay Pevey

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