36"x48" Oil, gallery wrap



Lorrie Drennan
So glad you liked it!! It sold right before the end of the show and is hanging in a really cool home bar. But the good news is that I have lots more paint and I plan to paint other scenes similar to this in the new year (after I am done with Christmas Commisions). So follow me on FB and IG and maybe you will see another one that you will like just as much or more. In the meantime, keep me posted on the bar progress...it's going to be AWESOME!!!!!
Scott Parker
As I stated on Instagram. I love this piece when I saw it in Covington and wanted it really bad. But it’s just not in the budget right now. Between completing our bar and the holidays. We did pick up a couple of small pieces that will look AWESOME once the bar is completed. I shared those this morning and you can see them on my Instagram page. The Big Dog Workshop

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